$50 – 1 hour
$40 – 45 minutes
$30 –  30 minutes

Interested in learning the guitar, writing a song, or singing? Maybe you want to be a working musician and don’t know where to start.

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I have been playing music for 20 years! 15 of those 20 years I’ve been performing professionally. I have a B.A. in Music with a Minor in Jazz studies. If you are wanting to just learn some basic chords on the guitar or study your way into Jazz improv I can take you there. My goal is to make music fun to learn with low pressure. How fast you want to grow is up to you. I just hear to help give you the tools needed to guide you on your path of Music!

Guitar Lessons:

No matter where you are at or what your history is we can work together to making learning guitar fun and exciting! I have a systematic approach to learning the Guitar. We learn the basic chords of the major scale on each of the 6 strings, to start. Giving you 6 different options of playing a certain chord anywhere soon the neck. This will give us a great foundation to build from when moving into more advanced playing! We will work on tuning the instrument, how to change the strings, rhythm, time feel, scales, lead playing, reading, Chromatic chords, to name a few. If you want to learn a certain song we can always do that as well!

Vocal Lessons:

When learning vocals technique is very important. Good technique will help save your vocal chords. We will be working on strengthening your voice as well as extending your range. Giving your vocal warm ups and tools to go home and practice. We will work on finding YOUR voice and having you sing out with confidence. Bring a song you want to sing, either on a track or if you can play it on an instrument, and we will work together.

Song Writing Sessions:

Song Writing is a deep passion of mine! I love the creative process and working with someone to help them express what it is they are feeling! In a Song Writing Session, we can work on putting chords to the melodies you already have, lyrical content & ideas, chord progressions, and song structure. We can also chart out the music to give to other musicians. There is no limit to where we can go. song Writing Session is for you to be creative, have fun and get out what it is you want to say in your music!!